The Journey...

And The Process.

The process begins with exploration. Every bending cove tells a story of time, of patience. I respect and try to honor the wisdom of endurance that shows in the petrification of the wood. Quiet time on the lake provides the perfect backdrop for driftwood harvesting. What doesn’t fit in the kayak is towed to shore.

Jermaine, JT Gurvin is a proud Atlanta native who currently works as a design consultant at Atlanta’s oldest and well know textile and design center.

JT and his partner Dan spend their time between their Atlanta home and their Jackson Lake home in Monticello Georgia.

A long time resident of Brooklyn, NY, JT lived and worked surrounded by local and international artist. JT curated art shows and exhibits for artist,

Having been furloughed during the unfortunate pandemic, he was forced to leave the high-rise life for a few months, escaping to the lake.

“It use to be a chore to clean the shore”, says JT, “but I have always seen shapes in nature, mimicking every facet of life. Clouds become animals, branches become palaces…driftwood became the muse, and paint became the ally!”

With Dan’s encouragement, a sculpture garden was soon created at the lake. Driftwood shapes became expressive designs by nature, imitating all colors and textures of the earth, and beyond.